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Hockey & Homers


The VGK are winning and baseball is back!

Food Specials

$3 Nathan’s Classic Hot Dog*
$4 Vegetable Spring Rolls
$5 Southwest Chicken Egg Rolls
$6 Buffalo Shrimp
$6 Boneless Chicken Wings and French Fries

In-Tavern or To-Go

Crispy Mozzarella Sticks, Boneless & Classic Chicken Wings, Pretzel Bites, Seared Pot Stickers, French Fries, Dipping sauces
Add a cheese or pepperoni pizza for $10

Drink Specials

$5 Mango Cart Michelada*
5 for $20 Beer Buckets*
your choice of the following:
Budweiser, Bud Light, Coors Light, Miller Lite, Michelob Ultra, Corona, Modelo, Bud Light Seltzer, White Claw


These specials are sure to score!


*Tavern’s without a kitchen will only offer the following: Nathan’s Hot Dog, Mango Cart Michelada and Beer Buckets
Beer Buckets are one product selection only, no mismatching.  Prices do not include tax.


April VP
VGK Cups
Tax Relief Bonus
Hockey & Homers