PT's Ranch Durango & Sunset

6450 S. Durango Dr.
Las Vegas, NV 89113


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Look, PT’s Ranch is not full cowboy. We don’t want to be full cowboy. Full cowboy is chili from a can and rotgut from a flask. Instead, we have hearty southwestern food made in a kitchen, not a chuckwagon, and top-of-the-line cocktails and chilled beer on tap. We’re ranch chic with a twist – instead of hunting trophies, our wood-paneled walls are home to distinguished paintings of rabbits in Edwardian suits and goats in Victorian dresses. (Yup. It’s cool. Go with it.) Grab a drink, catch a game on our HD-TVs, try your luck at a jackpot on one of our slot or video poker machines and play some pool somewhere a little different.

PT’s Ranch. Not full cowboy, but damn we look good in suede.

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