PT’s has something brewing for 2016

October 8, 2015

Brock RadkeWith 46 taverns scattered around the Las Vegas Valley, it was only a matter of time before PT’s Entertainment Group got in the brewing game. “We’ve been discussing it for the last two or three years, that the next logical step is we need to start brewing beer,” says Joe Romano, corporate vice president of food and beverage. When long-established local brewer Tenaya Creek recently vacated its space in northwest Las Vegas for bigger pastures Downtown, PT’s jumped on it. In the first quarter of the new year—maybe even in January—it will reopen as PT’s Brewing Company.The local craft-beer scene is heating up, but PT’s has some significant advantages. The company will be pouring at least six beers at the brewery, and it’ll go beyond just distributing its own beers through its own bars. “For our Sean Patrick’s brand, we may be brewing a red Irish ale or something like that, and at Sierra Gold, we might come out and brew an incredible IPA,” Romano says. “We are in a great position because we have so many different venues to distribute to, and we’ll do limited batches and seasonal stuff, see what works and what our customers want.”Another project: PT’s will create an annual homebrew competition, where the sudsy creations of amateurs across the Valley will be sifted and sorted with the winning beer finding a home on tap at the brewery. If that sounds like something that happens in bigger beer cities and not necessarily throughout Las Vegas’ burgeoning scene, that’s the point. “We want to be at the forefront of doing some things that will help bring notoriety to the local scene,” Romano says. “We’ve got a lot of local hopheads out there who just love craft beer, and we want to serve them.”